The "Well Rounded" Academy 


From other Masters.....

Bringing his vast knowledge of Shaolin Kempo Karate, as well as experience in multiple other martial arts systems, Master Zax provides his students with practical and effective self defense methods.  I recommend him to anyone who wants to learn in a friendly environment where students can ask questions and develop their martial art talents to the fullest.

Master Lou Romano,
th Degree Black Belt – Shaolin Kempo Karate

I have known Master Zax for about 15 years.  As skilled as he is as a martial artist, he is even more skilled as a teacher. His mastery and understanding of details is quite impressive. It is my privilege to have him teach my children.

Master Bob Shoemaker
th Degree Black Belt – Shaolin Kempo Karate

From Parents of Students.....

My daughter, Megan, began martial arts classes a few months before her 6th birthday. Her first introduction was a children’s group class being taught by Master Zax. Immediately, I was impressed to learn that Master Zax’s daughters were martial arts students and they were close to my daughter’s age.

I’m a protective parent and I was constantly reassured over the course of Megan’s training that she was in good hands with Master Zax because he treats each child as a unique and special individual, has a lot of patience, and makes safety a priority. He shares his knowledge and gifts willingly and takes extra care to ensure that his students are progressing and constantly learning new material. My daughter has friends that began martial arts training with other studios and instructors and most quit long ago due to lack of enthusiasm and the proper guidance and mentoring.

I attribute my daughter’s rapid progression and success to her instructor’s dedication, extensive knowledge of the art, and his father-like compassion for his students. Megan recently achieved the rank of 1st Degree Black Belt, a month before her 12th birthday … thank you Master Zax!

Barbara Barber

Silverado, CA

Having both studied and taught with Master Adam Zax has been a privilege. He has an ability to make one feel at comfortable with yourself and with others in almost any situation and his abilities as a Martial Artist are as a good as his rapport with children. I have had him work with my two sons (and I) for over 5 years and much of their growth and self esteem have come from his patience and guidance. He is a family man, very respectful of everyone who comes in contact with him and his heart is in the right place. Adam is one of those few people you meet that leave a positive impression on you that never goes away. I expect great things from him because he is always looking to help people for all the right reasons.

By the way, I am very particular about who teaches my kids and there is never a doubt with Master Zax. His technical knowledge is fantastic and he remembers to always have fun – and not at the expense of his students. Good luck Adam!

Mario Soto – 3rd Dan (Degree) Black Belt

Villari’s Shaolin Kempo Karate – Lake Forest, CA

and family (Tomas, Mario. Antonio, and Asha) – Irvine, CA

From Students.......

Edward J. Gebelein
2237 Calle Opalo
San Clemente, CA 92673

November 14, 2008

Master Adam Zax
Zax Studios
33155 Camino Capistrano #B
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

Dear Master Zax,

Please feel free to use the following testimonial as you see fit.


I enrolled in Zax Studios’ martial arts program approximately six months ago. At that time I was sixty years old and had studied a more traditional form of karate for three years. I was very happy with my old school, but was commuting approximately fifty-seven miles one way to study there. Eventually, the investment I was making in freeway time and fuel cost necessitated I find a dojo closer to my home. I am very happy to have found Zaxa Studios and Master Adam Zax for the following reasons.

I have observed Master Adam Zax’ instructional methods and have found them to be very effective. He is particularly adept at explaining the body mechanics and reasoning behind the techniques he teaches. Additionally, he can and does alter his instructional methods based on the individual student’s age and physical abilities. For example, a seven year old may not have the attention span or refined motor skills of an adult and the adult may no longer have the flexibility or stamina of younger person. Master Zax’ has demonstrated an ability to work with all age groups and levels of physical ability thereby offering everyone the maximum chance for success in the program. Master Zax is extraordinarily patient, but knows when and how to bring a demanding student back to proper dojo demeanor. Master Zax’ knowledge of martial arts is very comprehensive and will keep any student challenged for many years.

The Villari System of Martial Arts is a combination of Shaolin Kung-Fu, Kempo, and Karate. As such, it incorporates the forms (kata) of karate with the extraordinarily practical and effective self-defense elements of Shaolin Kung-Fu and Kempo. The system incorporates the four types of fighting to produce a method that is heavily weighted to practical, no nonsense self defense methods. The Villari System is a very comprehensive system of self defense.

Based on my personal experience and observation, I recommend Zax Studios, Master Adam Zax, and The Villari System Of Self Defense without reservation.