The "Well Rounded" Academy 

While we offer all interested people two weeks of free lessons to make sure you like what we have to offer; Here are our prices for those who decide to continue.  Call us today to schedule your free intro lessons. (949) 388-5802


Teaching Villari’s Shaolin Kempo Karate

Single Group Class purchases; Single Class Tickets are good for up to 3 months from the date of purchase. Not good with any other offers, coupons or discounts. Good for those who travel a lot or have an erratic schedule that requires more flexibility. Group Classes are 55 minutes long and begin on the hour.

1 class (Drop-ins) $20.00

2-6 classes $18.00 each

7-18 classes $16.00 each

19 or more $15.00 each

Or for a better deal....

Unlimited Monthly Group Lessons

White Belt Through 1st Degree Brown Belt

Children/Teens under 15 years
Adults 16 years and up                 $125 month

Black Belts all ages                      $200 month

Family Discounts: 5% off for each immediate family member, up to 20% max ½ hour Semi-Private Lessons (not to exceed 6 students at a time)

Add $100/month for 1 semi private lesson per week

1 hour private lessons with Master Zax

$75 in studio, $125.00 in home (plus travel if not within 6 miles of Zax Studios.

Notes: Belt Tests are not included and average between $40 and $75 (below black belt) Special events such as guest instructor clinics, weapons and chi kung classes as well as tournaments are not included in any of the above pricing and are optional for rank advancement.


Monthly Beginner/intermediate Group Drum Lessons

(55 minutes each, 2 per week)

With Martial Arts Lessons        $ 75.00 month

Without Martial Arts Lessons   $125.00 month

Rent the Drums or Fretlight Guitar by the ½ hour for only $25.00


Holiday Special- " A Perfect Holiday Gift"

         8 Week Magic Course-$95.00

Or Buy a 4 week mini course online now for Only $25.00 by clicking this link.  Buy Online and Print at Home!

Monthly Beginner/intermediate Group Magic Lessons

(50 minutes each, 2 per week)

With Martial Arts Lessons      $ 75.00 month

Without Martial Arts Lessons $125.00 month

Does not include the price of magic tricks, however some will be included and the true value of any trick or illusion is usually the secret of how it works, not the trick itself.