The "Well Rounded" Academy 
5th Degree Black Belt
 Adam Zax

is a certified Master Instructor

Fred Villari's
Shaolin Kempo Karate System

What We Have to Offer Your Child

Improve concentration and focus, which contributes to better learning and achievement in school.

Discipline and self control that results in a sense of responsibility and better overall behavior.

Our specialized curriculum imparts philosophies and values that build your child’s self-image, self-awareness, and self-confidence.

We emphasize defensive abilities, rather than aggressive tendencies.

Your children will progress at their own pace, competing against themselves, not others.

Students receive personal attention and direction.

The 5 principal “rules” of Effort, Etiquette, Character, Sincerity, and Self-Control are painstakingly taught and routinely re-enforced.

Our Unique Young Adults Program

We Teach Real World Techniques so your son or daughter will survive real world situations, but don't worry about THEIR safety, we've never had a student injured learning these life saving techniques.  These are just a few of many attacks for which escapes and counter-measures are taught.


In addition to improving overall coordination, concentration and self defense, young adults gain many positive and life-long benefits from the practice of Shaolin Kempo Karate including:

Mastering focus and self discipline.

Building self-worth.

Developing a genuine respect for peers and authority.

These skills combine to create a “can-do” attitude and a deep sense of confidence in their ability to meet and beat any challenge - whether in school, at home, or in life.

Benefits of Our Adults Program

Villari’s certified and trained instructors work with you individually as your personal coaches, trainers, and mentors to help you develop:

Increased energy level.

Improved muscle tone and appearance.

Relief from stress and strain.

Increased strength and endurance.

Knowledge, skills, and techniques to protect yourself and your family.

The Villari’s regimen develops your self-awareness, self-assurance, and self-confidence. You don’t need physical prowess . . . Just enthusiasm!

What makes Master Zax's Lineage unique and valuable
is the lack of "phone game" that happens when the intricacies of the system don't have to pass through too many "ears". 

Do you remember the "phone game"?  It was usually played in a classroom or at a party.  A group of people would sit next to each other in a line.  Someone would make up a short story and whisper it into the ear of the first person in the line; who would then whisper it into the ear of the next person and so on and so on. 

The last person gets the story whispered into their ear and then tells the story aloud for the group.  Then the person who started the story tells what happened when it had started.  Inevitably the stories are not even close to each other.

Why is this story of the "phone game" important?
Because this is exactly what happens to a martial arts system.  A form can be taught to someone who forgets a few moves and then teaches it to the next person who adds a few moves and changes a few others and then teaches it to the next guy.  This goes on and on and the next thing you know the forms, combinations and techniques are nothing like what they were meant to be. 

If you have studied  or are studying Shaolin Kempo Karate from anyone other than a Certified Villari Master, you owe it to yourself to come in for a free review with Master Zax.  He absolutely guarantees you will learn something about the material you have that you did not know.

Suggested Ages and Abilities

Master Zax has students as young as 5 all the way up to a couple in their 60's who have reached the rank of 2nd degree black belt in the martial arts school, but frankly no one is too old to learn. On the younger end it depends on the maturity of the individual student, sometimes 7 year olds are still too immature while other times 5 year olds do great. Master Zax can assess this during your free trial period so no need to assume one way or the other.