The "Well Rounded" Academy 

Learn to play Rock and Roll or Jazz Drums

Master Zax has 2 large full size drum sets  which uses to teach students how to play anything from Frank Sinatra to Aerosmith or Led Zeppelin classics to Green Day.

Private Lessons on the sets, Group Lessons for basics and rudiments. The sets will be rented by the hour during certain hours for those who just want to play.



Learn to play to the Electric Guitar

Here's a new technology that is simply amazing and will let you literally teach yourself everything about the guitar, learn how to read music and learn how to play the guitar itself; even the most outrageous solo you've ever heard!

Introducing Fretlight guitars:  You can go to www.fretlight to buy them or you can rent mine for only $20.00* per hour.  

If you do prefer to buy from please type "Referred by: Zax Studios" in the Special Instructions box when checking out.

  Look closely at the fretboard

A new space-age "fretlight" computerized electric guitar that has LED lights showing the student exactly where to put his or her fingers for each chord and note.

Technology takes the pressure off the student


* limited time offer, does not include a fully refundable security deposit that must be secured before using the Musical Instruments and computers.