The "Well Rounded" Academy 
Orange County's ONLY Magic and Illusion School
Zax Studios is creating tomorrows Magicians and today's magic enthusiasts!

Ever wonder how todays best magicians like Criss Angel, David Blaine and Lance Burton pull off those amazing illusions? 

At Zax Studios you'll love learning how to perform many of their best illusions yourself. 
Imagine amazing your friends and family with illusions they thought only the pros could do.

From Close-Up....

To Parlour Magic....

To Stage Magic....

is the place for you! 

Master Zax has been collecting magic for more than 35 years and has literally thousands of tricks located at the school for you to learn.  Come in for a free demo today.

From age 6 to 80 you're never too old or young to learn magic.

Here is a sampling of the tricks we teach..


French drop
Classic palm
Finger palm
Thumb palm
Gravity top drop takeaway
Middle finger takeaway
Quarter to half dollar
Coin bag
4 coins thru hole in towel
Top drop coin reappearance
Finger Snap reappearance
Wave reappearance
Goshman finger palm
Spyder Grip with Melini Subtlety
Locking $1.35 / $2.35
Folding $ .50 / .25
Pen to Disappearing Coin
Two Coin Clink Drop -1 coin
Two Coin Clink Drop-2 coins
Shirt Pocket Vanish
Knee vanish misdirection
“Two Headed” Dollar
“You and Me” signed Quarters with Shuttle Pass
Wave Pass Three Coins to Two with Holding coin classic with variation of clink drop
Dollar Envelope
Hopping Halves Sun and Moon
The Emperor Coin
Cris Angel Coin thru Table
Real Hopping halves (no gimmick)
Classic Palm pass through clear bag
Coin in the Egg on Stand


Feel The Card- Telling a card by thickness/ink
“Sound of your Voice” Phone Prediction
Disappearing deck
Arne rising card
The split deck
Predict the name/card deck
Burnt ashes deck
Zig Zag card
Static card
Trading aces 4 up
Quick pull-buried jck qn black
Short Card Force
10/20 Force
Double lift /triple lift
Pulling a tear from one card to another
Top Shuffle
The “Magic Breath”
Rainbow Deck
4- Jack bottom pull (Sankey)
Wand through Card
Card Penetration Frame
Ty’s Three card Queen trick
Variation of “His Card / Her Card”
The Screwed Deck
Torn corner of card through glass
Three Card repeat-stripper


Square Knot and Release
Granny knot and Release
Quick Slip Knot
Toy Lompilato Knot
Chefalo Knot- r over l 1st
Hunter Bow knot
Chefalo/Hunter Bow Combo
Dissolving Knot and Double Dissolving
Whistle Knot
Bang Knot
Grandmas Necklace
Cords of Fantasia
Cups and Balls breakable/unbreakable variation
The Magic Coat Trick using GM Necklace original
Walking through a Rope or Chain
Knot of enchantment (tied hands knot appears with ring variation
Bracelet on Rope
Harold Rices Improved GM’s Necklace
Spectacles to Monacles
Gamblers knot
Betcha Knot
Hunters Knot
Neales Knot
One-handed Knot

Sponge Balls
Classic, Thumb, Two Finger take away, French, Thumb Push, Over the back turn around
10 count and rear finger clip

Parlour and Stage

Ellis ring
Wonder bar
Die box
Cut and restored rope/string
Signed quarter thru can
Pen through anything
Thumb tip disappearing
Vernet levitator Thumb
Vernet Magnetic Thumb
$1 to $20 transition
Arm chopper
Needle through matchbox brs
Ash through Hand
The Prison Box
$1 Billion Dollar Challenge Key Trick
The Nutty Nut
Mini-Topsy Turvy Bottles
Polter Light
Ring Exchange tray
Magic Coat Pencil
Coin in factory sealed bottle
Milk Pitcher liquid disappearance
Sugar Shaker disappearance
Mysterious ashes (6 color discs)
Using Slush Powder
Tenyo Finger separator
Tenyo Bolted Cards
Tenyo Disappearing pen
Squared Circles
Hippity Hop Rabbits
Brilliant magic lamp –Milk in the Bulb
Behold the Scarbeaus –Cell Phone/Coin in Plastic bottle
Sword Swallow
Magicians Insurance Policy
Color Changing Scarf
Linking Paper Clips
Multiplying Beer Bottles
Magic Credit Card-Bank Of Denmark
Bill Tube-Gold
Bending Real Keys
Knife Through Bill
Pencil through borrowed bill
Glass Mirage
Torn and Restored Newspaper
“Fresh Fish”
Cut and restored Duscheks Dollar
Mirror Glass
Bite the Bill and Restore
Predicting how many pieces a Banana will be split into by cards

Cut and restored string thru straw
3 prediction board
Tip over pen
Psycho kinetic wood
Predicting a word on pg of book
Using stooges
Putting together routines

Thumbcuffs escape
Handcuff escape
Wrist shackles escape
Mail bag escape

Thread work