The "Well Rounded" Academy 

Nanotechnology in the Martial Arts and Healing Worlds

As Co-Inventor,President and CEO of DIamon-Fusion International, Inc. ( and Visual Ice, Inc.(, Master Zax has become an expert in nanotechnology products  and their use in many diverse industries.

When being courted for some consulting in the Nanotech coatings industry, Master Zax was introduced to David Schmidt, the inventor of the Lifewave Patch.  These patches are literally software for the human body.  The code can be written to enhance energy, help sleep, reduce pain and help with many other ailments.

If you want to learn how to safely get "steroid-like" results in performance enhancement without any drugs of any kind you need to take a moment and go to
You'll learn about the thousands of pro and amateur athletes that are taking advantage of this safe drug free method of balancing your body in order to get it to perform the way you want.

Since acupuncture can and is used to treat a multitude of disorders, the uses of the patches really are limitless.