The "Well Rounded" Academy 

Master Adam Zax's Background in

Martial Arts, Music & Magic


Together with wife Ana,  Master Zax is raising two children; their 14 year old Daughter Zoe, a Freshman at San Juan Hills High School and their 17 year old daughter, Veronica, a Senior at San Juan Hills High School. Both of Master Zax's daughters are students/instructors in the schools; Zoe has a 3rd Degree Brown Belt and Veronica is a 1st degree Black Belt.

Master Zax was born in Houston, Texas but shortly thereafter moved to California where he was raised in Encino.  Master Zax attended Reseda High School for Photography and then graduated Birmingham High School in Van Nuys.

Master Zax attended many colleges including;
UCLA, Pierce College, Monterey Peninsula College and UC Santa Cruz. He graduated from University of Colorado (Boulder) in 1984 with degrees in Marketing and Finance.  

Master Zax was a founder of the Delta Chi Fraternity Chapter at the University of Colorado-Boulder.

Soon after graduating Master Zax moved to San Juan Capistrano in Orange County to begin working with his family business, Capistrano Valley Glass & Mirror, Inc..( ). Master Zax expanded the family business by starting Gemini Shower Door, Glass Railings America and Diamon-Fusion South before leaving to start DFI.

In 1990, Master Zax attended George Mason University's Glass Management Institute ( A Masters in Glass Program). 

In 1997, Master Zax founded Diamon-Fusion International, (DFI)  ( He is still the President and CEO of this International Nanotechnology Coatings Company. The company holds patents worldwide on its processes and is on most continents of the world.

In 2005, Master Zax with a good friend and business associate, Carl Christ, co-invent Visual Ice, a new nanotech promotion product for the Grocery industry.  A new corporation was formed and you can learn more about it at

2007 Master Zax opens Zax Studios of Martial Arts, Music & Magic, Inc.

In 2007 Master Zax founded One Green World, Inc. (OGW)  OGW is a nanotechnology coatings company with patents covering non toxic coatings that can prevent the spread of disease, purify and deodorize air and water, and create "self-cleaning" surfaces.  These coatings are the first to be marketed commercially to safely combat the epidemic of MRSA related illnesses and death by preventing their spread without the use of toxic biocides for which they can create resistance over time.

Martial Arts Background:

In addition to Master Zax expertise in Villari's Shaolin Kempo Karate, he has studied many other styles and systems since the early 1980's and incorporates their strengths into his program.  

In no particular order these include, but are not limited to;

Bao Truyen-Vietnamese Arts


Marco Ruas Vale Tudo

Gracie Jujitsu

Pier Tsui Po- Dim Mak


and Magic Background:  Coming soon