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Some people call us the "Well Rounded" University because "kids" of all ages who take our classes feel that they have experience and confidence in three distinct areas of Art.

The Physical Arts         
The Mental Arts. 
The Performing Arts

After more than 35 years of training and teaching these 3 disciplines, Master Adam Zax realized that most of his students and teachers in each also had a great interest in one or both of the other disciplines.

Master Zax believes this is because ALL THREE  of these disciplines actually possess ALL THREE of the arts.

Martial Arts  

While the perception by many people is that most martial arts are just physical; those who have ever studied a martial art know that the mental aspects are equally as important.  Of course the martial artist must use the mental AND the physical to the perform the required techniques and forms/katas.  Tournaments and demonstrations of one's martial arts skill are clearly performances, thus lending itself to performing arts.  (Learn more about the devastating  and venerable art of Fred Villari's Shaolin Kempo Karate we teach here at Three M by clicking here)

Ages and abilities; Your never too old to learn something new...

Master Zax has students as young as 5 years old all the way up to a couple in their 60's who have reached the rank of 2nd degree black belt in the martial arts school, but frankly no one is too old to learn.  On the younger end it depends on the maturity of the individual student, sometimes 7 year olds are still too immature while other times 5 year olds do great.  Master Zax can assess this during your free trial period so no need to assume one way or the other

Music and
Musical Instruments   

Watch your favorite musicians play a live concert and you may notice the workout they are likely getting.  Especially the drummer and the guitarist, not to mention the calluses and stretching requirements for each.  The fact is that many instruments can be very physical and demanding.

Remembering the timing changes, keeping rhythm and controlling the volume of your instruments all take mental focus; and what musician who hones his skills doesn't end up performing for others; Even if only friends and loved ones?

The performance aspect is pretty obvious; who learns how to perform magic without the intent to show others?
The mental and physical are not as obvious to those unskilled in the area but they are both just as integral. 

In close up magic manipulation of coins, cards and other items takes years of physical practice and some illusions, like escapes for example, take a fair amount of physical prowess to perform.

Learning how to learn.  That's what happens at Zax Studios without the student even knowing.

Classes are now forming and will be limited in size on a first come first served basis.

Here are 10 reasons you should contact us now
to learn more!

1. To find out about the FREE ANGEL BASEBALL TICKETS WITH EVERY NEW SIGN-UP. (Master Zax is a season ticket holder and has excellent seats he will include with each sign up.)

2. You are a current or former Shaolin Kempo Karate student and want to enhance your details and understanding of what is being done and why.  For example did you know that of the 108 Combinations (some call them Defensive Maneuvers or DM's) there are actually 12 left handed versions and 12 right versions or "keys" of each one? How many versions do you have of each Combo or DM?  Want to know what you are missing?; call us now.

3. To have confidence that you can defend yourself in REAL world situations; against clubs, guns, knives, bats and other weapons of the street.

4. To lose weight, get in to shape and feel better without being bored or intimidated by weightlifting or typical gym workouts.

5. You or your child always wanted to play the drums or electric guitar.
(Be honest, did you ever want to learn how to play a drum or guitar solo from Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Steely Dan, The Beatles?  Okay, okay maybe not for the kids but what about them learning to play  songs from the 80's, 90's or 
todays Top Hits)

6. You really enjoy watching magic  and illusions performed by todays greats, Criss Angel, David Blaine and David Copperfield to name a few and you want to learn how to perform their tricks for your friends, classmates, family and business associates.

7. To learn about the new "Needleless Acupuncture" through Nanotechnology.  Just as acupuncture is now widely used to treat many ailments, the proper placement of these NON-TRANSDERMAL  (that means nothing enters your body.  No chance for side effects, overdose or drug interaction because there are no drugs) patches can increase energy while burning fat, help with sleep, reduce pain and alleviate many other symptoms.  Learn why thousands of professional and amateur athletes and Master Zax himself are using these safe, drug free steroid alternatives.  "They are literally software for the human body.  This amazing nanotechnology is extremely exciting", reported Master Zax.
Click here to go to to learn more.

8.  Because you know that learning these things are better than sitting there playing video games and watching T.V.

9.  You want to learn Chi-Kung  (Qi Gong) exercises and use them to balance and harmonize with nature.

You love Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan movies and want to learn how to use real Kung Fu weapons like nunchakus, long staffs, broadswords, toonfas and even rope dart and sectional whipchains.  (these are not all required in the system but are available)

Why not contact us now to learn more.?

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